Energy management policy

SIA "DLV" energy management policy is certified according to LVS EN ISO 50001: 2012
Standard “Energy Management Systems. Requirements and Instructions for Use ”

The purpose of the energy audit or energy management system is to identify the total energy consumption of SIA "DLV" and the consumption of each process, while identifying measures that may reduce the cost of energy consumed by SIA "DLV".
In order to reduce energy consumption of SIA "DLV", an energy review is carried out. During the review of energy resources all energy consumption is identified, its significance, priority areas for improvement, baseline levels of consumption, indicators are identified.
The decision of SIA DLV to certify the energy management system developed by SIA DLV in accordance with ISO 50001: 2011 standard "Energy management systems. Requirements and Instructions for Use ”(adapted as a Latvian national standard as LVS EN ISO 50001: 2012) is a logical next step in its development to ensure its continued improvement, availability of necessary information and resources, facilitate the purchase of energy efficient services and products, ) and equipment operation, reduce energy costs for SIA "DLV", as well as ensure compliance of the activities of SIA "DLV" with regulatory requirements.
The energy management system supports the purchase and production of energy efficient products and services as well as provides the necessary design to improve energy performance.
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