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DLV continues its jackpot line with Nectar's Treasury multigame featuring four jackpot levels - Ground, Garden, Forest and Mountains.

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Nectar's Treasury bonus game is randomly triggered after any main spin in reel games. The player is informed about winning the bonus game by a congratulatory window. All winnings are added to player's credit meter and can be gambled further.

After entering the bonus game, the player is awarded with Ground jackpot level and 1 to 3 lives. Higher total bet increases the number of lives and the chances of winning higher jackpot levels.

The game starts with congratulations on winning Ground level and then it is time for the player to try his luck on the remaining jackpot levels – Garden, Forest and Mountains.

To complete a level the player needs to guess, in the allotted time, which of the 5 buds conceals a flower. This can be accomplished by making choice either using Hold 1…Hold 5 buttons on the keyboard or by touching a bud on the touchscreen. If successful (a flower appears), the player needs to collect two more flowers to fill three flasks with honey.

If unsuccessful, the player loses 1 life (green leaves below). If the player has still the green leaves (lives) left, the game continues.

Having collected three flasks with honey, the player wins a jackpot level. At the same time, the previous completed level becomes unavailable, because the player moves one level up.

The other levels are completed the same way.

The bonus game continues until the player collects three flasks with honey on the lasts jackpot level (Mountains) or until all lives are lost.

For each selection the player is given minimum 3 seconds before an automatic random selection of the same duration is initiated. During the automatic selection the player still can make choice. When the automatic selection time is over, the program will offer its choice.


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