DLV continues its jackpot line with Zooshenk multigame featuring four jackpot levels - Hippo, Zebra, Giraffe and Lion.

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Zooshenk Jackpot is an accumulative Mystery Progressive jackpot. Increase to the jackpot levels (in which the player participates) is formed by way of a percent of the player's bet. The player participation in each of the levels depends on the active lines number in an actual game, the closer the active lines number to the maximal one in a given game, the more levels number he participates in. The jackpot levels in which (by the current bet) the player doesn't participate are darken.

Initiating the Zooshenk Jackpot bonus game, the player is automatically guaranteed (depends on the bet) the accumulations part of one of the jackpot levels, in which he participates at the time of the start. During the draw, the sum of each level can change.

The Zooshenk Jackpot bonus game is initiated by winning 4 special symbols upon the main one.

For example - . The special symbol  is located: on the 2 first and the 2 last reels for slots of 4, 5 and 6 reels.

The special Zooshenk Jackpot symbol is a scatter. If the Zooshenk Jackpot is awarded to any player, the rest of the players of the set will be informed about this event.

During the bonus game, the player has to open doors with keys. Behind each selected door there can be one of the active characters or a percent increasing the winning part. The percent value depends on the player's bet. The higher the bet, the higher the percent. The bonus game (summing up the percent opened by the player) continues until the player opens a door with a character, which will determine the level won by the player.

The possible winnings sum for each active level is displayed on indicators of the win in the upper part of the game field.The bonus game win is added to the player's credit and can be doubled (if doesn't exceed the limit) in Gamble feature.


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