• Peru Gaming Show 2015

In any photo from Peru Gaming Show 2015 one will see people with DLV bags; that is because the company was one of the show sponsors which, in its turn, had a positive impact on the flow of visitors on DLV's booth. Those were mainly local operators and managers, many of whom found at DLV's booth just what they were looking for due to the fact that in Peru DLV offers a wide range of products which can satisfy the needs of different operators, as some of them might have casinos in Miraflores, the tourist area of Lima, and there HD machines would fit perfectly, while others might have venues as far as the jungle and a great solution for them would be more cost-effective and, quite important, solid DTFT machines. The company's trump card at the show was Dragon Jackpot which since recently has become available on the Peruvian market, as well as Gauya Quest which briefly will as well be installed in the venues throughout the country. On the other hand, the public was enraptured by Diamond Ultra 3 and DLV left the show with many orders from foreign customers and local contacts who were convinced that this multigame should definitely form part of the selection in their gaming halls. Much interest was also aroused by a display for American roulette by CTC Holdings whose distributor DLV has become on the Peruvian and other markets of the region, in such a way increasing the range of products offered by the company, and opening up new possibilities for DLV to penetrate the market.

In general, the exhibition, as it had been expected, was successful and the only thing left now is to take the initiated negotiations to a victorious conclusion.

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