• Peru Gaming Show 2013

Despite a rather cold winter in Peru, the show was held in a warm, even „hot", atmosphere - constant rush of visitors didn't let us feel cold for a moment. There were many DLV Peru clients visiting the company´s booth throughout the whole event - Peruvian casino and gaming arcades operators and managers who came to discuss further cooperation, tell us of the performance results of our machines and find out about the most recent novelties of the company. There were also our Uruguayan partners who were enraptured about the new products - Dragon Jackpot and Jewel Jackpot 3, and commented that, on their return home, they would immediately place an order. There were many new visitors as well, interested in DLV machines and games. In general, the show was very successful for DLV and DLV Peru - the second day of the show wasn't over yet when our Peruvian sales manager Carlos Sotomayor said: „We can already put the "reserved" sign on all the machines".

We would also like to remark the professionalism of the event organizers, as it was held on the highest level. It looks like Peru Gaming Show is becoming more popular among Latin American gaming industry participants and, who knows, maybe in time it will even surpass SAGSE Buenos Aires of Argentina. 

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