• Peru Gaming Show 2014

Passions are rising not only in Brazil

In spite of Peru Gaming Show 2014 coincidence with the World Football Championship, DLV and DLV Peru didn't experience lack of visitors. There was no time to feel sorry for not being able to watch matches with participation of our favourite teams - too many customers to attend and old acquaintances to meet and discuss gaming industry news. Neither were show guests left indifferent to the fact that DLV Peru was one of the show sponsors and DLV Peru bags with company information were distributed at the convention centre entrance, while next to Novomatic and Williams' banners shone that of DLV Peru, and many visitors, upon entering the centre, immediately went searching for DLV Peru.

The result of diligent work before and during the show - several "goals" added to DLV's score in the form of signed contracts and a long list of those interested in our products. Well, right after the show our colleagues from DLV Peru went into the offensive and, no doubt, would come out victorious with contracts signed with all contacts from that list.

It could be said that "we staked on the right horse" and our Hybrid machine, for the first time presented at the Peruvian show and already certified for the country, became one of the hits among our products. Many also liked Dragon Jackpot, for a considerable part of local population is formed by people of Asian origin, and what most enraptured our clients was the possibility to connect Dragon Jackpot, whose certification is planned for the middle of August 2014, and the already popular in Peru Jewel Jackpot 3 into one progressive system, which means that the player is offered two different game sets with 15 themes each and joined accumulative. Well, next match will take place in September in Las Vegas and we will be prepared for it hundred per cent!

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