• SAGSE Buenos Aires 2013

More than a dance, SAGSE Buenos Aires 2013

For most people, Argentina is, first of all, one of the biggest world countries with picturesque nature, excellent meat and wine, and, finally, the delightful tango dance at the sight of which many are overwhelmed by the desire to visit the country where it originated. However, it's much more than that, because Argentina, as many other countries of the region, has one more passion - gaming; a proof to this is SAGSE Buenos Aires - one of the most important exhibitions of the gaming industry every year taking place in the capital city of Argentina, and among participants of which there always are the teams of DLV and DLV Peru.

What did we show at the exhibition? In general, everything that had been done in the course of the year, so to say, we summed up the whole 2013 year's work, and the result was not late in arriving - our booth was constantly full of visitors, moreover, many of them were big operators with casinos in the countries of South and Central America. DLV products caused a furor, especially the Diamond Hybrid machine which instantaneously attracted SAGSE guests' attention. Even more interest excited our jackpot systems, which is logical considering that this kind of product is so popular in the region that players are ready to wait in queues to get to play them hoping to hit the highest level. Taking into account the quality and exuberance of the graphics, as well as the variety of jackpot themes - Vollinstars, Dragon Jackpot, Jewel Jackpot, Gauya Quest - among which each one will find something to his/her taste, DLV's newly-acquired partners can be sure that our products will be successful on their markets.

SAGSE Buenos Aires 2013

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