• Peru Gaming Show 2017

Peru Gaming Show, which was held in Lima on June 21 and 22, could not have come at a better time, considering that Latvian summer turned out quite cold. Despite the fact that June marks the beginning of winter in Peru, the weather was warmer than in DLV’s country of origin, and the show as well appreciably heated it up. The event yet again proved that it is not without reason on the agenda of industry stakeholders as a must-visit event. Customers were numerous, although, to be honest, all the machines exhibited had been assigned already before the show, so new orders will be carried out with next shipments.

It is fair to say that the products which caused the utmost enthusiasm were Silk Flowers and Jewel Jackpot Lux. The former – due to its incredible spring colours, the latter – due to the excellent possibility offered to our clients with older DLV machines to renew their offer to players in form of a sequel to the already successful Jewel Jackpot progressive jackpot series. Already this year these gaming novelties will become available both in Latvia and Peru!

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