• SAGSE Panama 2016

In view of the latest global events, Panama has become one of the major talking points as in business circles so among friends and family members, while for SAGSE participants it has always been on the table, quite for a different reason though. Those who were present at SAGSE were obviously unaffected by Panama Papers revelation: the assistance was high, the ambience festive and merry, which, however, did not hamper frequent negotiations, but rather helped to hold them in a free-and-easy manner.

There were not many visitors from Panama itself, only our contacts with whom we already work in the country and during the trip agreed to test the new Diamond Excel machine with Lab Creatures jackpot as soon as it is approved by the local authority. Those who came were mainly business contacts from the neighbouring countries such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras etc. Many of them had seen DLV machines and programmes in local casinos or had acquired them through our partners and, being happy with their purchase, were seeking to work directly with the manufacturer. All in all, DLV managers will have much work to do and it looks like our technical staff will have to visit the region more than once to install Diamond brand products.

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