• AmEx 2012

Despite the fact that DLV participated in Irish Gaming and Amusement Trade Exhibition for the first time, we can affirm that it was very successful for the company. There were many sales contracts concluded during the show, which is a very good result for such a small-scale event.

In many respects DLV ows its success to Kimble company which lends us great assistance in our local as well as international expansion, and helps us present ourselves as a reliable and stable company. The secret of DLV's success, apart from quality, guarantees and traditions provided, also lies in the ability to work as a team. Our professional staff take part in all major gaming exhibitions, including those of Argentina, Macau, London, Taiwan, Las Vegas, etc. "One of the main principles followed by DLV is to work professionally and with a strong sense of responsibility", says the company's CEO Mihail Volokotkin.

The main objective was both to attract new customers as well as to present new company's products: the line of DIAMOND GAMES PREMIUM multigames, Gauya Quest jackpot and the new custom-made upright cabinet DWS with two widescreens. 

One of the advantages of Gauya Quest jackpot is that it can operate as a standalone unit as well as a network-based system. Gauya Quest features 4 mystery progressive levels - Earth, Moon, Sun and Vega, and its mystery lies in the bet - the higher is the bet the more chances one has to hit the highest jackpot level. Gauya Quest is compatible with any 15-game set from DIAMOND GAMES PREMIUM multigame line. The game title - Gauya Quest - originates from a historical fact. In 1949 Alexander Laime, a Latvian explorer, reached the world highest, 979 m high, waterfall - Angel Falls. Feeling nostalgic for his homeland, he named the river on which was the waterfall after a Latvian river - Gauja. DLV decided to cover this historical event in its mystery progressive jackpot system - Gauya Quest.

Already popular in Irish region is our first jackpot system Jewel Jackpot with its three versions available - Jewel Jackpot, Jewel Jackpot 2 and Jewel Jackpot 3. The game cosists in the following: the player plays one of the 10 games and can win a bonus game when 3 Jewel Jackpot symbols appear on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels. During the bonus game the player has to choose and open chests with jewels. The bonus game continues until the player collects seven emeralds and wins the Emerald jackpot (the minimum level), five rubies - and wins the Ruby jackpot (the middle level), and three diamonds - and wins the Diamond jackpot (the highest level).

In Ireland, DLV provides an excellent technical support; we have direct contact with our customers, and practice shows that our machines are reliable in operation and repair is needed only in rare cases.

We will definitely take part in the next year's expo and hope that DLV's novelties shown during the event will prove successful in Ireland. Inspired by new ideas and aware of the needs of local customers we now know what steps to take in order to efficiently promote and distribute our products in the country.

Evgenijs Volokotkins at AmEx exhibition 2012


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