• SAGSE Panama 2015

"If machines work great in Panama, they will be successful in any country of the region" - this is an expert's opinion and we have no reasons to doubt her words. DLV machines that last September were installed in Royal Casino in Panama city and Santiago are already showing decent results despite a rather high competition. That was our point of reference at the beginning of SAGSE Panama, as there cannot be a better publicity than the presence of our products in the country where the event is held, moreover, in such a prestigious casino and with such performance results.

The show was very lively and among its visitors there were many valuable potential customers, many of them interested in DLV's products, often because they'd seen them in the casino in Panama. The great advantage was the presence of new officials from the local Gaming Control Board; considering that DLV constantly brings new products to Panama, it was important to personally converse with them in order for DLV to present itself and show its products, in such a way demonstrating the transparency of its operations in the country. The only thing left now is to carry through the initiated negotiations.

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