• ICE Totally Gaming 2016

DLV in the capital of Great Britain 

London is not only the capital of Great Britain, but also many other things, among others it is a meeting place for a great number of operators, managers, businessmen of the gaming industry, many of whom every year undertake an uneasy and hours-long journey in order to be present at the major event of the gaming industry in the enormous ExCel centre, and personally witness the progress and innovations of the industry.

Independently of the global situation, DLV could hardly ever complain about the lack of visitors at ICE, but this year all expectations have been exceeded. New market outlets have been determined, contacts with businessmen from neighbouring countries and countries where DLV is active have been made, and in general three days of the show flew quickly in frequent meetings and business matters which are sure to bring positive results in the short- and long-term.

During the exhibition DLV presented its new DIAMOND EXCEL cabinet with LAB CREATURES jackpot featuring 25 games and DIAMOND QUATTRO multigame featuring 4 games which, in its turn, was exhibited with two different 3-level mystery jackpots. The presentation of the products went very well and drew a lot of attention; meanwhile DLV has already started the certification process to be able to test the products in real operation soon.

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