• G2E Asia 2014


We say "East is a delicate matter" and this is true; it is not so easy for a European to fit in with these completely dissimilar people whose culture we so often find it hard to understand. However, there is something we have in common - passion for gambling. You just need to see once how Asians gamble: casinos are crowded, all the live tables occupied, people line up to play slot machines - Asians definitely know how to amuse themselves.

Macau is often compared to Las Vegas; however, while being considerably smaller than the "sin city", its revenues from gambling greatly exceed those of Las Vegas.

It is hardly surprising that at some point somebody decided that this gaming paradise would be a perfect place to hold one of the most important events of the global gaming industry, and, probably, the most important one for Asian gaming - G2E Asia.  

The calculation turned out to be correct including this year the show has significantly grown, and with it - increased the number of visitors.

DLV team blended into Macau's reigning atmosphere of entertainment, arriving, though, with its own slot machines in order to show what we have to offer to local operators and players. Judging by the number of visitors we'd got it right: interest towards our machines was enormous - the three cabinets DIAMOND HD, DIAMOND STD and DIAMOND DWS, as well as multigames, especially Dragon Jackpot, aroused great visitors' interest. During the show we met with people from the Philippines, Singapore, Australia and other countries and saw for ourselves that DLV had become a recognizable brand on international level. Well, we just need to go on at the same pace and success is guaranteed!

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