• Peru Gaming Show 2019

DLV at Peru Gaming Show 2019!

This year in Peru has become for us a place to show our latest development for the first time - a four-level ZooShenk Jackpot featuring 20 games. The product with a fully new jackpot concept, where the player has a possibility to win the jackpot level depending on his selected bet. In such a way, for example, playing with the maximal bet the player can ensure the win of 50% of the jackpot amount, but the remaining 50% can be collected opening boxes with percentages. The jackpot drawing is finished by selecting the box with one of the hidden animals inside (Hippo, Zebra, Giraffe and Lion), i.e. the jackpot level, what decides the player's win. From novelties we also presented a four-level Nectar's Treasury Jackpot with the bonus game. Our cabinet developments showed Diamond Excel, Diamond Z and Diamond DWS machine models. The presented online portfolio containing 80 games available also land-based has been developed giving an opportunity to select playing with jackpot or without it. We offer to choose one of our jackpots: Fruits Jackpot, Jewel Jackpot 3 and Dragon Jackpot.

In general, the exhibition showed the clients interest in our products and some of them have made first orders for the newest product, so we can conclude that the exhibition has shown successful results. Despite that we work on this market for 9 years and we took our roots deeply, here still are areas where we can start our development and produce more product for this market.

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