• 2014 January

DLV „fully armed" at ICE Totally Gaming

Latvian company DLV seeks to set the rhythm of its activities from the very beginning of every year, for this purpose participating in ICE Totally Gaming on a yearly basis, as we believe that this event not only helps in setting the necessary work pace, but also keep it up during the year. Year 2014 will be no exception, as we have been preparing for the London show for many months, to be there "fully armed", ensuring the success and productivity of our participation.

One of the products to be exhibited at ICE is Diamond Games Premium VII which, we are convinced, will be equally popular among our clients, as were its prequels. Further, DLV will present a series of jackpots: three-level Jewel Jackpot 3 and Dragon Jackpot featuring thrilling games that will fit every taste: beautiful games, like Spicy Fleur and Royal Jewels; funny ones, such as Smakyboo and Buku Bora; "dangerous", such as N.Y.Gangsters and Fast Colt, and many other. Equal attention is expected to be drawn by our fascinating four-level Gauya Quest and Vollinstars, already showing great performance results in a number of markets. Finally, this year's main attraction at our booth will be Diamond Ultra with 25 games and absolutely new interface, where games are grouped into categories, which is its major distinction from the previous multigames.

Among hardware products there are Slant Top and DWS machines, and, of course, the latest company’s release - Diamond Hybrid with two 24"TFT monitors, which is a kind of a combination of the two above mentioned with all their advantages blended in this one, resulting in brilliant appearance and ease of use. It will be our pleasure to receive ICE guests at our booth N8-150!


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