• 2017 March

When and where did your company begin manufacturing slot machines? 

DLV started manufacturing machines from its very foundation in 1994, in Latvia. First, those were wooden cases with unsophisticated games, then over the years the company engaged in mass production and started manufacturing steel machines, while the games became more elaborate and advanced in terms of graphics and mathematics. DLV never stops at what has been achieved and is constantly improving the quality of its products and services.

Which are your key market regions today?

Latvia, where DLV acts not only as a slot provider, but, more importantly, as an operator of more than 40 gaming halls. Peru, where the company’s market share is constantly growing thanks to its subsidiary - DLV Peru, the company representing DLV in the whole of Latin American region. A number of other countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Where are your manufacturing/assembly, distribution, support facilities for the markets you serve?

The production is located in Latvia, from where the company also accomplishes distribution and technical support around the world.

If you have products in multiple markets, what adaptations are made for different regions? Which products (cabinets/games) are universally successful with little need for adaptation?  

Even countries of the same region might substantially differ in terms of preferences towards one or another product; that is why upon creating every new product, we focus on its universality. For example, Jewel Jackpot and its sequels, Dragon Jackpot and many other multigame lines by DLV were very well received almost on all markets. Additionally, we are offering different configurations, and there were also cases when we made small changes in the games, but, generally, universal product policy works for us.

What sets your products/service apart from your competitors?

First of all, DLV products are easy to use and are sturdy. We try to provide technical support as effectively as possible to ensure that there are no machines standing idle; but, from experience, we can say that if machines are properly maintained and cleaned, they should present no problems for a very long period. Further, these are interesting, mathematically and thematically diverse games that are proven on many markets and, as a rule, are very successful. Finally, we offer reasonable prices and individually approach each customer in order to find a form of cooperation maximally convenient for them. Being a relatively small company, flexibility and responsiveness are our undeniable advantages.

What are the trends for slots in your market regions? What are operators looking for?

Speaking about land-based operations, apart from the obvious technical need for ticket printers, online management systems and the like, operators are also seeking for novel and original products, and that is just what we can provide them with. There is no limit to our developers’ stretch of imagination and they are never afraid to experiment, creating new and unique games.

What developments are you working on for your target region/s?

At the recent ICE, DLV for the first time showcased its new Diamond Z machine with 24” screens and 25-game 4-level Silk Flowers jackpot, so now our major task for the first half of 2017 is to distribute them throughout our market regions; simultaneously, we will be developing new products, based on our knowledge and analysis of previous multigames’ success, and closer to G2E Las Vegas will tell about them in detail.

Where do you see your future development being targeted?

Sure enough, we will be principally focusing on extending our online offer, because online is no more the future, but the present. At the moment our offer includes online betting in Latvia, and we have started working at our online platform for DLV games, so that our players could enjoy the game not only in land-based casinos, but also in a way that could be more comfortable for them – from their smartphones and tablets, and, moreover, do so anytime they want. Already this year we are expecting to finalize a great part of the project. 

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