• 2014 January

DLV is an internationally-recognized company owing to its innovative slot machines. Their excellent performance let the company take up a good position in various global markets and successfully settle there. What is the secret? Michael Volokotkin, the CEO of DLV, has provided us some clues with the interview below.

Additionally, Mr.Volokotkin comments on the specifics of Latvian company’s business operations, offers his opinion on the status of gaming in the region and announces new company’s projects.

Which are the company’s strongest markets?


DLV is present in countries of Europe, Asia, South and Central America. In Latvia our presence is certainly the strongest, especially considering that there DLV has more than fifty gaming halls of its own. Other European markets essential to us are Ireland, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Malta.

What can you tell us about your operations in Latin American region?

As for our operations in Latin America, Peru is the biggest market outlet for us. There we have sold or put on profit sharing more than 500 machines and will continue increasing business volume in the country.

Costa Rica is another country where DLV machines show excellent performance results. There are also Columbia, where DLV is working through its distributor – Mundo Video, Nicaragua and Belize. Finally, Cambodia and the Philippines are our major markets in Asia.

Apart from your excellent machines, you are known for your training program for your team members. What results have you obtained in this respect?

We are conscious that professionalism and skill improvement are vital aspects for the quality of the services we provide. Therefore, our staff undergo, on a regular basis, skill training and upgrade programs. These efforts play big part in obtaining necessary results in production and service.


What role do technologies play in your product development?

Technologies are the key factor in our developments. As a manufacturer, and, all the more as an operator, we know that technological advancements are among foremost features which a product should possess to be in demand. Currently, most fundamental is the possibility of connecting machines to a management system and using ticket printer. DLV provides these options in its machines, including in older models.

What characteristics should a slot machine possess to stand out on international level?

It should meet international and jurisdictional standards, be technically easy and comfortable to use for the operator, and be attractive to the player. However, visual appeal is not enough, a game should excite with its mathematics and graphical representation, and appeal to players of various categories.  

What are DLV’s relations with its operators in terms of support and innovative solutions?

We are always attentive to our customers and partners; and in case if any doubts or questions occur, we search for a solution that would be effective and most convenient. Besides, we keep both our partners in profit sharing and those who purchase our products informed about our product updates, always offering special terms for our most regular customers.

What are the main demands and needs of operators in the region?

First of all, as mentioned before, it is the possibility of connecting machines to online system. Gaming regulation is improving in South America, as government bodies realize the importance of this industry for tax incomes and economic infrastructure development in general. Gaming-related operations should also be regulated for the simple reason that it helps protecting players, providers and operators.

Peruvian market, with its online system implementation, is a good example of these practices. The control over the industry and security obtained, along with large national territory, make this country a very desirable potential market.  

What are your plans for Latin America?

Our plans are far-reaching and include further expansion into the region. There are favorable conditions for working in such countries as Panama, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Chile. And we will naturally advance in those countries where DLV is already operating.

Tell us about the new products you are going to release?

Briefly, we will release new Diamond Games Ultra featuring 25 games. This game set contains nine new games and other games coming from previous sets which showed best performance results. The distinctive characteristics of Diamond Games Ultra, apart from a larger number of games, is its interface where games are grouped by category. We are convinced that this multigame will become a favourite of operators and players whom we will be surprising time and time again in the course of 2014.


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