• 2015 July

1. How would you evaluate your participation in the major exhibitions of the sector in this first quarter of the year?

Over this period DLV participated in two shows – ICE and SAGSE Panama, while at FADJA we were present as visitors. These exhibitions in themselves are a guarantee of success: ICE – the largest and most-attended of all, as always, brought new contacts, mainly from Europe. SAGSE Panama is getting bigger every year, and, in addition to excellent contacts and new orders, we got to meet new officials of Panamanian Gaming Control Board which is very important, as we constantly offer products new to this market and are willing to do everything in accordance with the requirements of the local authority. FADJA – a no less important event, but in Colombia DLV is already represented by its partner Mundovideo who, being a local enterprise, better than anyone knows what Colombian players need.

2. How did you find Peruvian market this year?

Peru is one of the fundamental markets for DLV, and one of the reasons why we like it is the presence of most well-known international providers which we perceive as a challenge stimulating us to create qualitative projects to make a capable competitor in any part of the world; that is why we are always attentive to market changes in order to improve our products and adapt them to players’ preferences. Peruvian market is a market which inspires to create qualitative products and that is just what we’ll see at PGS 2015.

3. What new products are you going to present at PGS? What are your expectations? Objectives? Comparing to the same period of the previous years, what balance would you draw up?

This year we are laying emphasis on 25-games Diamond Games Ultra multigame line, for the first time presented last year; in 2015 we released its sequel Diamond Ultra 2, and during the Peruvian exhibition debuted Diamond Ultra 3 which we plan to make available in Peru. We will also show Dragon Jackpot and Gauya Quest – they were already exhibited at the previous edition of the event, but this year it is of particular importance, as these jackpots have become available for the market. Among other products, show visitors will see 24” display for roulettes, already successfully demonstrated in Panama, as well as DLV’s online betting site – dlvbet. Of course, we are expecting that new orders will arrive and this exhibition has always met our expectations, for instance, last year, by the end of the show, all machines on our booth were reserved with subsequent signed contracts. We believe that with the abovementioned products, new to Peru, we will increase the stock of DLV machines and attain even better results.

4. What new products and new markets is the company targeting for the nearest future?

First of all, DLV is releasing its new cabinet - Diamond Excel with two 27” screens - a product of highest quality, meant for high-level casinos. We are also developing a new jackpot, primarily to please the players of Latin America and the Caribbean, as we know how excited they get about progressive systems.

The major markets for DLV still are Latvia and Peru, but we pay a lot of attention to other markets of the regions. For example, in Latin America we currently have great interest in Panama where the company started working almost a year ago and we see a very promising future for DLV machines in the country. Many other projects have already been started, but it’s worth mentioning that we put a lot of effort into developing our online betting website dlvbet, as we are convinced that online entertainment form is at the moment the leading one in this industry.

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