• 2015 August

Considering your successful performance in Latin America, we would like to ask you the following:

What is the key of this result?

Self-belief, determination and flexibility. After Russian market closed, which came as a jolt to many, we had to look for new market outlets and Latin America looked very tempting, as the region had many markets where gaming was allowed; besides, players of those countries know to appreciate a good product. We entered the market with confidence and at the same time with caution, constantly geared to customers and adapting to their needs and wishes; as the result – distribution of DLV products throughout almost the whole region.

How would you describe DLV 20 years after the company initiated its activities?

DLV has become a mature company knowing what it wants and what steps to take in order to attain the desired. 20 years’ experience is a long period and the knowledge obtained during that time helps us avoid possible mistakes and makes it easier to enter new markets, based on what we know about those markets where DLV already has presence. 20 years is also a positive characteristic for company’s image, proving its reliability and stability.

How would you describe your company’s relationship with operators?

This is a relationship of mutual support: we try to help operators and recommend games best fit to be installed in their casinos or gaming halls; as soon as we release new products our customers immediately get information about them and proposals, often with special prices for long-term customers; apart from all this, there is of course the ongoing technical support. Operators also render us aid sharing their observations and advice, often very useful to DLV as a gaming equipment manufacturer and software developer.

What is the importance of aftersale in your company’s activities?

Aftersale maintenance is an integral link in our relationship with customers. Customers need to know that the service doesn’t end up with their purchasing our products, but that they can always count on DLV’s help in case any spare parts or technical advice are needed, thus they will always be able to fix any issue instead of having the product stand idle because of something broken or not functioning properly. This attention to customers pays off – they prefer to order products from a provider who has proved himself ready to help and lend support at any moment.

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