• 2017 October

Based on your experience, what are the needs of today’s customers with regards to games software?

First of all, software should be reliable and maximally protected from fraud. We believe that DLV has been controlling this aspect quite well, all the more so, because, having its own operation, the company has had cases of attempts to manipulate its machines and those of other providers, so we have experience in dealing with this dark side of gaming.

Of course, software should also be technically appropriate for exploitation in casinos and gaming halls, supporting communication protocols of respective management systems.

Another equally important factor is software’s compliance with legislative requirements and standards of each particular jurisdiction. As a matter of fact, this is what the certification is for and we undergo it with all our products.

What does DLV offer in terms of game development?

The games we develop are interesting both mathematically and thematically, as we strive to create maximally varied sets, but to do so based on the experience gained while exploiting earlier company’s products. For example, one of the most recent company’s releases – Jewel Jackpot Lux - was created to support those customers who in their time had DLV’s first jackpot programs from Jewel Jackpot series; with this new multigame we make it possible for our customers to renew their offer in return for minimum investment.

What can you tell about your Diamond Z machine?

Diamond Z is a compact and economic model with two 24” LCD screens which can be operated in any conditions. The same as our previous cabinets, Diamond Z demonstrates high resistance in hostile environments; it also supports modern peripherals and management systems. This cabinet has GLI’s approval and is available in a number of markets. Diamond Z comes with the newest DLV’s releases – Diamond Games Ultra 3 and 4, as well as Lab Creatures and Silk Flowers jackpots.

How did visitors react to the products you brought to Las Vegas?

We received many positive feedbacks. The utter enthusiasm was caused by this year’s new four-level jackpot - Silk Flowers. There is nothing surprising in that it immediately arrests attention, as it is very bright and spring-like, and we ourselves feel immensely proud of this product. Equal DLV’s pride and visitors’ favourable comments have been caused by the above mentioned Jewel Jackpot Lux featuring 12 games and 3 jackpot levels, and Diamond Z machine, as well as earlier company’s products – Diamond Games Ultra 4 multigame for standalone machines and Diamond Excel cabinet with 27” screens. All products have been certified and tested in various markets, so we can guarantee their quality.

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