• 2019 February

How would you define the commercial performance of your company in Europe in 2018?

Our company is born in Latvia that is why it is not so difficult to catch the interest and preferences of its consumers when situated at the market. We work as with many of the gaming halls all over Latvia, as well as distribute our products all over the Europe.

With what new games and solutions will your company surprise attendants to ICE show?

This year we visit the exhibition with an aim to highlight our last novelties. Firstly, we would like to draw the attention on a new cabinet DIAMOND X 27” – a machine that is a compact solution for casinos, but has an option to add the third monitor. Showing it at the exhibition for the first time, we have reached a wide scale of public that has drawn clients from different markets. The second novelty is the Nectar’s Treasury Jackpot with a game portfolio containing new and updated games of the company. Besides, we offer some cabinets and multigames, which have already made a name of themselves on the different world markets. As for the online developments, we show them at this exhibition for the second time, but now it is the 200 game portfolio. A novelty of the online this year is a possibility to play with one of our three jackpots or without it. In future, the option will be completed and a player will have an opportunity to choose any of our jackpots to play.

What’s your point of view about the current situation of gambling in the UK?

We work only at the Ireland market so it is hard to comment the situation because the laws regulating the gambling in the UK and in Ireland are different.

When your company launches a new game, how does it measure the impact and success it has had on the product portfolio and on the customer base?

To know if the developed new games are successful or not, we can only by the players’ acceptance and this acceptance can be a long period, in this way our clients can be pleased with them, because a popularity of the games increases when are exploited for a longer period of time.

What goals is DLV planning to accomplish this season?

We always work at the new multigames and we have already started to develop a new novelty – Zooshenk Jackpot. We have already announced it in our updated product catalogue and hope that nothing will prevent us to show it at the exhibition PGS Lima 2019.

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