• 2016 January

1) What do you expect to see at ICE 2016?

We expect to see new releases and find inspiration in the show. ICE is the place where it becomes evident what will be the trends of the industry during the year, so DLV sees in it an opportunity to familiarize itself with innovations in gaming and gain new ideas for the company's own business. However, by all means, the show is not limited just to that, DLV's primary objective is, of course, to show company's products and find new market outlets, as well as meet with its clients and close deals where verbal arrangements have already been made.

2) What products or services will you exhibit?

First of all, it is DLV's new DIAMOND EXCEL machine with 27" screens; touch screen, iVIZION bill acceptor from JCM, FutureLogic Gen 2 ticket printer and Alberici HOPPER KID are the default peripherals for Excel and, depending on each market, they can be added, removed or replaced - to fit machines according to whatever specifications our customers need is a usual practice for our engineers. The machines will be exhibited with DIAMOND QUATTRO, the first in the line of 4-game multigames, and with three-level LAB CREATURES jackpot featuring 25 games and Lab Creatures bonus game.

3) What will be the key trends for the industry in 2016?

In recent years the trends have been invariable and they are related to online gaming and online applications. We are sure ICE will, as always, serve as a "display case" for current and emerging trends.
4) Can start-ups and smaller operators survive in the wake of industry mega-mergers?

Competing with industry giants is not an easy task, but neither is it impossible. What one needs is an elaborate strategy and a good organization of work. On the one hand, giant corporations have more possibilities, for instance, they can offer and accept less advantageous conditions of cooperation in order to get started on a new market; however, smaller operators have their incontestable advantages - quick reaction and problem solution, as well as a more individual customer approach; in general, with clever business management and customer focus there is a good chance to stay afloat beside giant corporations.

5) What is your opinion regarding the importance of a new gaming legislation?

Gaming legislation should, first and foremost, be up-to-date. It should exclude any possibility of illegal gaming activities which can be harmful both for players and providers for the lack of proper guarantees and security measures. Secondly, it should also cover new gaming forms and their related activities, for instance, currently many countries face the need to regulate online gaming activities and a great part of them are already working on their solutions in this area.

6) What are the firm's expectations in the short and medium term? Is it your goal to attract millennials?

We definitely plan to cover as many social and age groups as possible. Millennials are a generation of future players as well as active internet and its applications users, so we are not only planning to attract that target group, but are prepared to do so offering them to play and bet with DLV in the form which is most convenient for them - online.

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