• 2017 February

It is no news that ICE is a must-attend event in the gaming calendar, for it sets the trends that will determine the future of the sector. What's been your overall impression of ICE Totally Gaming 2017 and when do you expect to reap the benefits of your participation in the international exhibition?

This year’s ICE, of course, made a very strong impression on us, as it did all the previous years. The dimensions and the scale of the show this year were a sequence higher than usually and we were able to gain many interesting ideas and make certain conclusions for ourselves. As to the benefits to reap from our participation in the event, already before the end of the show we got a number of orders which we are currently fulfilling, and there have been outlined various projects to be carried out in 2017.

Do you anticipate any major changes or hope to see any changes to the gaming industry in 2017 that are going to have an effect on the company's operations?

We believe that this year all the participants of the industry are in breathless anticipation for two markets to open – Brazil and Japan. Currently it looks that the Brazilian market is close to fulfil the dream of all providers and operators, and this is just the market we are interested in. Apart from that, we will continue our dynamic development towards expansion.

What is the industry lacking today and what can companies do to fill that void? Will the industry see a shift in focus from major casino suppliers over the next year?

In our view, the pace of development of the industry is a rather fast one, letting it keep up with new trends and offer the player just what they need at the moment. Online sector progress is a very good example of such development. The only thing probably still lacking is a clearer understanding on the part of state institutions of how the online environment should be regulated, the result of which is that nowadays there are still many countries where this gaming sector has not been legally thought through.

You certainly invest a lot of money and effort in R&D. What can both operators and players alike expect to see from you in terms of product development?

DLV already presented at ICE its two new products –Diamond Z machine with 24” screens and the four-level jackpot Silk Flowers; therefore, our main task this year will be their promotion on different markets, and for this purpose we have already initiated the process of certification for the two products. Of course, simultaneously, we will be preparing some new products for Las Vegas’s G2E which will be revealed closer to the event. One of the primary goals this year is also to take DLV games online. All in all operators and players can expect a lot from us this year.

What are your aims for the year and how do you intend to achieve them?

As mentioned above we will be certifying the new products which were for the first time presented at ICE 2017 and will be distributing them in Latvia, Peru and other countries where we operate. Further, our plan is to continue creating new multigames and, of course, to participate in international trade shows.  The nearest event where DLV is going to exhibit is Amex in Ireland which will be followed by SAGSE Panama, Peru Gaming Show, G2E Las Vegas and SAGSE Buenos Aires.

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