• 2015 July

What is your impression of SAGSE Panama 2015?

Each year it gets bigger and busier, as well as more productive for DLV. Last year we went through homologation process for DLV and its products, and immediately we installed our machines in casinos in Panama City and Santiago. This SAGSE edition has brought us many contacts with whom we have already initiated negotiations.

Panama is a strategic market, first of all, due to its beneficial geographical location, and there is a common opinion that it is also a market of high competition due to which it is a good place for testing products: if a product performs well in this country, it will have a great potential in any other country of the region. We are convinced that DLV products have a great future in Panama and other markets still unexplored by DLV.

Which is your star product?

DLV is currently promoting its Dragon Jackpot which right now is being homologated for Panama. As to novelties, we have brought Diamond Ultra 2 – a sequel to Diamond Ultra multigames featuring 25 titles, and in Macau and Peru we will premiere Diamond Ultra 3. We are very proud to showcase this product evidencing company’s evolution and will for sure develop it further. Still, it needs to be mentioned that the previous multigame line - Diamond Games Premium with 15 games is also very popular in Latin America, so we will keep on releasing its sequels, simultaneously with Diamond Ultra.

What are your expectations from PGS?

After SAGSE Panama we are going directly to Macau to present DLV’s new cabinet - Diamond Excel; the idea is to install it in as many markets as possible, including Peru where it will be available by the end of this year. Apart from Excel, which is for sure to be presented during PGS, the guests of the Peruvian show will see Dragon Jackpot and Gauya Quest, recently homologated for the country, and standalone Diamond Ultra 3. Finally, we will be promoting our online sports betting site dlvbet, and a display for roulettes distributed by DLV and already successfully presented during SAGSE Panama. In general, our expectations from participation in PGS are that it would yield great results in the form of new orders.

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