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- How would you describe Peruvian gaming market? Do you agree that the market is consolidated?

Peruvian market is a strictly regulated one at the moment, and we became part of the process from the very start. Peru is also one of the most important markets in the gaming sector to the extent that it has become a role model for new legislations in different regions, especially due to Mincetur’s implementation of online system in the country, which enforced better regulation and, thus, contributed to rebuilding trust in the whole industry.

 - What, in your opinion, is the main advantage of DLV Peru's products for your customers?

It is, of course, the variety of multigames and jackpots, as well as the option of adapting games at the request of operators who know the habits of their players better than anyone. We try to maintain contact, providing training and technical support during and after installation, helping operators and supporting them throughout the application process for Mincetur’s approval. We are conscious of how important it is that the customer stays satisfied which also, obviously, rises us in potential customers’ estimation.

- What is the advantages of your international experience when entering new markets?

Since the very beginning of our operations, the company’s products, step by step, were gaining high positions on various major markets around the world. The international experience of DLV as a manufacturer definitely helps, first of all, in choosing the right strategy to enter new markets, as well as the right products that are more likely to become popular in a particular country. DLV’s working experience in its country of origin - Latvia, and in various countries of Europe, Asia and Latin America – it’s an excellent platform for developing on new markets, as well as for DLV Peru’s expansion throughout the local region. Keeping track of legislative changes in the world allows us to be always prepared to make decisions regarding new markets.

- What new machines will you show at PGS 2014?

DLV Peru will take part in PGS for fourth consecutive time and, as always, has prepared a novelty to show to PGS guests– yet unknown to the Peruvian market Diamond Hybrid machine with two 24" widescreens. Apart from advantageous external appeal of the machine, which is sure to draw players’ attention, it is comfortable and ergonomic to use.

As for the software, there will be showcased several progressive jackpot systems: Dragon Jackpot, Gauya Quest and Vollinstars. Multigames will include new DIAMOND GAMES Premium line sequel – DIAMOND GAMES Premium VII which has been recently certified for Peru.

- Was the first half of the 2014 year successful for you? What is your market share in Peru?

It was, indeed, very productive for the company; the demand has grown, comparing to the same period of the previous years, and our market share has exceeded our expectations, especially considering that DLV Peru is a relatively new company in the country.

-How does your after-sales support works? Have you got a technical support office in Peru?

After-sales support is a fundamental part of our operations, as we are conscious of how important it is for our customers to have their needs met and that this helps build customer loyalty. DLV Peru provides consultations and training to its customers and their staff during and after sales as a mandatory element of its business practices. Our technical service department, formed by experienced professionals, provides technical support and consulting services around the clock to prevent delays in our customers’ operations.

- Why is it important for DLV Peru to know its end-customer? Does the end-customer vary depending on the region?

In our case, our end-customer is the player, and it is obviously of primary importance to be aware of and understand their needs and preferences which will eventually make the product successful or not. Therefore, for every market DLV Peru selects games based on the company’s experience in other countries, and then constantly analyzes the results of those machines that have been in operation for some time; we then consider the obtained data to create new, even more player-oriented products. As for the end-users in other regions, sure there can be observed certain differences and, therefore, we always bear in mind the cultural and mental peculiarities of players to determine what would be more to their liking; to some extent it could be said that we try to think the way players do.

- What do you think about gaming business in Latin America? Are you planning on entering other countries in the region?

Recent years have witnessed intensive development of Latin America, and, in general, the markets of the region are quite stable, while some are on their way to being consolidated. We are convinced that once they are fully regulated it will be an excellent opportunity for our expansion. Our plans for Latin America haven’t changed and remain valid; besides, we have already established relationship with customers from different countries of the region and the demand for our products continues to grow. Some of our projects have already been implemented and DLV Peru is present in such countries as Costa Rica, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and other countries, among them, of course, Peru.

 - Finally, what projects have you planned for the near future?

There are many projects and it is still early to unveil them. Probably, the most important and urgent for us at the moment is our project in Panama, since DLV company was homologated for Panamanian market and we are eager to test our products there. Other projects include countries such as Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Uruguay and others, where the company has strategic partners.

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