• 2014 July

How many gaming halls are currently in operation by DLV in Latvia?

DLV has 50 gaming halls in operation throughout the country, of which 26 are located in the capital city - Riga. 2 of 50 halls are those of Bingo, the only ones in the country.

How many slots and table games are operated in them?

There are no table games in our gaming halls, but each of them features no less than 20 gaming machines, standalone and jackpots, and two gaming halls, located in two biggest cities of the country - Riga and Daugavpils, are equipped for bingo game.

Will you open more halls?

We, of course, constantly work on the possibility to open more gaming halls and up till now have been accomplishing this goal to the best of our abilities; stable Latvian legislation is a great help in this endeavour. However, currently we invest more in renovation of DLV's gaming halls and their equipment.

What are your latest products for the Latvian market?

Speaking of cabinets, this is, of course, Diamond HD, which we presented last year and have already certified for many countries, including Latvia. Among games these are, in the first place, Diamond Games Premium multi-games for standalone machines and their most recent VI and VII versions, as well as jackpots, for example, Gauya Quest, which is very special for us, because its creation is related to the Latvian explorer who discovered Angel falls and named the river feeding the falls - Gauya, in honour of the longest river in Latvia.

Are there any further changes to the law for gaming halls/casino in particular?

The key changes in the law is the implementation of online monitoring system for gaming machines, as well as the development of online gaming law.

How is the Latvian market? (comments)

Latvian market as any other market has its peculiarities as in legislation, so regarding the player. In order to operate in the country you should, first of all, obtain a general licence to be allowed to run a gaming-related activity, as well as a licence to open a gaming hall or a casino which should be renewed every year (and DLV always does it without fail).  Ministry of Finance understands that gaming means taxes and, thus, deserve existing, but it needs to be regulated and, therefore, the new system to be implemented is a right step in this direction.

Regarding players, far from any game would attract their attention, but if a player gets to like a machine, one can be sure of his/her loyalty. Certainly, it is essential to know local players and understand their mindset to equip gaming halls with those products which would, with most probability, suit their preferences.

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