• 2016 November

How long has your company been manufacturing progressive jackpots? What is the history behind your entry into these fields?

The company has been developing its own software for about 15 years, and progressive jackpots – for 10 years. DLV’s first progressive jackpot was Jewel Jackpot with 10 games which the company, as it does with all its new releases, first installed for “field testing” in its own gaming halls in Latvia, and then started distributing abroad. Jewel Jackpot gave DLV its first working experience with this kind of product, we saw how popular it was and, based on that experience, but every time adding more functional options and perfecting the graphics, the company kept on creating innovative progressive jackpots.

What is the difference between your first products and your latest ones? What have been the technological milestones along the way?

The obvious difference is the number of games: while our first multigames, Jewel Jackpot and Jewel Jackpot 2, featured 10 games, in the progressives that followed, their number increased first to 15 and then to 25 games. Naturally, graphically and mathematically our products have also evolved and this is obvious to anyone who is familiar with them. Finally, in our developments we seek to maximize functional variety and convenience for the operator and for the player. Our progressives can be connected to a link of up to 254 machines; moreover, one link can feature different progressive jackpot programs by DLV.  Not to mention that in the course of technological advancement and of management systems implementation, DLV has been updating products, so that they support all the existing casino innovations.

What are the current trends driving development in this field?

Progressive jackpots are made more interactive, creating the impression that the player is actually participating in and influencing the outcome of the game. Of course, the progress can be observed also in graphics – it has become more qualitative and catchy, looking even more impressive due to large size monitors and display technologies such as 3D.

What are your best-selling products?

It is hard to give a categorical answer, because, depending on the market, products perform differently. We have had cases when a product was performing great on one market, while showing average results on another. In such cases we analyze game statistics and then, based on the data obtained, change the program for the one which, in our estimation, would be more appealing to the player. In general, our progressives are very well-performing, especially if there is a jackpot sign where the accumulated jackpot values are shown, this immediately attracts players and it is one of the elements aiding in the success of this kind of product.

What sets your products apart from your competitors’ products?

Case-by-case approach and end-customer focus. To give an example, our designers create maximally thematically varied game sets, so that every player, independently of mentality, temper, culture, mood, would find what he or she needs here and now to relax and enjoy the game. The themes offered in DLV’s multigames cannot be categorized as only "aesthetically pleasing", "charming”, “uncanny” or "hilarious", because every game set includes games from all these and many other categories. Americans love our N.Y Gangsters, those of Latin American origin prefer the fruit games, while Asian players are thrilled about Cai Shen, Hong Long and other Asia-themed games by DLV.

What developments are you working on at the moment?

Currently, we are working on a new jackpot which will be presented during ICE show. It is essential to mention that, although the products we have been lately releasing are called jackpots, they can as well be operated as standalone products which is an added value of DLV’s developments.

How important is feedback from operators and manufacturers?

Not only is it important, but, we would say, imperative. Operators know their players and their preferences better than anyone, they have the advantage of observing day after day how players react to our products and which products are more to the liking of casino public. As to other manufacturers, there are things we can learn from them as well, so it is always worth to take notice of their feedback and advice.

How do you see the future of the sector over the next decade?

Most probably multigames, including progressive jackpots, will be getting more approximated to online format to appeal to the contemporary user. In any case, the further development of the sector will directly depend on technological progress.

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