• 2020 February

What are you exhibiting this year at ICE 2020?

Traditionally we mark the beginning of years presenting our latest developments of multigame programs and hardware. 

New technology allowing two types of the multigame with the same games - including build-in jackpot or without the jackpot, as standalone. This gives flexibility and reaction for a casino to coordinate the profit. With this option are available the Zooshenk, Zooshenk 2 and Fruits Jackpots. 

Diamond X cabinet with two 27" screens (available also with three screens) is presented in two assembling editions - with Button Deck touchscreen panel or with classic mechanical buttons, so a casino can choose what it exactly needs.

Online developments have obtained a new modern interface and three more jackpots.

What is the product that stands out at the show?

It is very difficult to stand out a specific product, because we always try hard to provide all our products with something new, interesting and comfortable and useful as for casino operators, as well as for players. This year, for example, for us a new experience is to exhibit a small "corner" demonstrating the bars' design situated in our homeland. As we can see, the idea is serving as an attractive stand addition, as well as a perfect place for business meeting with our partners. With the bar zone perfectly matches the Diamond X cabinet with a new touchscreen button deck panel; while on the stand opposite part there are multigame novelties in cabinets that already are presented in many gambling halls belonging to our partners.

How important is for the company to participate in ICE?

It is hardly a revelation that this show is the most significant gaming event and participation in it not only excellent business opportunities, but in general is a question of public image. The location of the show, its organization, attendance by international visitors - all of it was on the highest level, as it always is with ICE.

This is the first important show of the year. How does the calendar of events continue for the company and which are expectations?

The next for us will become the exhibition in Dublin, then two exhibitions more - in Peru and Bulgaria. At the moment we have only these events planned, but we don't rule out a possibility that this year we will add some gaming events to our exhibition list.

What are the goals you hope to achieve in this 2020?

Maintain high level on the markets where DLV is active and advance into new potential markets. We will certainly continue our show "tour", focusing also on regional events, such as, for example, Peru Gaming Show and Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo. Finally, our main goal is to keep our customers happy and that is why we are preparing a number of new releases to be launched during this year.

How does the firm accompany the evolution of the players?

Today's generation is online generation; if, in the very beginning, Internet was considered as another communication means, now it has become a kind of a lifestyle. With such its popularity the only thing left for us to do is to adapt to the existing trends and offer what our potential players need - online gaming. It is no more a question of whether to do it or not - it's a must.

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