• 2014 March


Meet market expectations and establish friendly relationship with its customers are DLV brand’s natural qualities.

The productive capacity of DLV has strengthened its positions in global gaming, with set objectives for emerging markets. For Rolando Delgado, operations manager of DLVPeru, the company continues to develop in 2014, after a successful participation in London’s ICE.

What advantages are there in DLV’s gaming machines for a player?


There are those who play with the sole objective of winning and those who enjoy gaming process as such. The truth is that both groups approach our machines for the quality of graphics and keep on playing them for the mathematics of the games. 

Of course, those, who are in it for gaming process are also interested in that the machine is not greedy, in other words, that the machine doesn’t only take money, but also pays, which also motivates the player to keep playing.

In your opinion, what will be the future of gaming?

Provided that certain markets will be regulated, the future of gaming looks very promising. State-of-art technologies will certainly become one of the principal tools for manufacturers and operators: with such a varied offer of products as exists nowadays the player is becoming more demanding and these are innovations which can induce them to play a machine. Technologies will also allow to make gaming industry better-regulated which again will lead to good results for manufacturers, operators, as well as for the government who will receive more in tax revenues and, eventually, it will be the regular consumer who will benefit.

iGaming and mobile gaming are growing in Europe and USA. What is your company doing in this regard?

We have started working on solutions for mobile phones and tablets to reach a wider audience. We plan to release some of these solutions in 2014.

What did DLV showcase at ICE in London?

DLV and DLVPeru showed the new 25-game set - Diamond Games Ultra; this set features new interface where games are grouped by lines: 10-line and 20-line games, and extras such as poker. There were as well Diamond Games Premium VII, 15-game multigame for standalone machines, and jackpot systems: Dragon Jackpot, Vollinstars, Gauya Quest and Jewel Jackpot 3.

What advantages are there for the operator?

I guess all operators choose what is best for their venues; we, from our side, try to help them, suggesting games which in our view and based on our experience could become most successful.

How would you describe the relationship between DLV and its customers?

Every company has its own special ways to deal and work with customers. As for DLVPeru, we can only say that our relationship with customers is the key to our successful operations. Therefore, we maintain special and individual approach to every client. This is our best marketing strategy.

What encourages you to work in gaming business?

Every business has its challenges. One of the challenges of gaming business is negative attitude of a great part of population towards it, in many cases the government of a country is itself prejudiced against this form of entertainment. It is manifested more in Europe and less in Latin America, except for Brazil and Venezuela. In most Latin American countries gaming is part of culture, and regulatory bodies realize the advantages which gaming implies. Meet the expectations of customers, offer good product and be ready to improve and update it are the best motivating factors to keep moving forward.


DLV will continue operating in such markets as Latvia, Ireland, Malta, Peru, Costa Rica, Belize, Cambodia, the Philippines and others, where DLV machines are already in operation. At the same time, in 2014 Latvian company will as well focus its attention on Panama, the Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Guatemala and some other countries.

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