• 2015 February

Interview, ICE Totally Gaming 2015

The 20 years trajectory is a clear indicator of trust and correct management. What is DLV's principal added value?

Of course, good management is important, many things need to be controlled and taken care of; trust is essential, without clients' relying on us there is no business. However, company's principal added value is its team, reliable, trustworthy and hardworking with whose help company's development becomes possible.

What products did you exhibit at ICE and what was the public response to them?

Apart from our jackpot series and the most recent versions of multigame programs for standalone machines - Diamond Games Premium VIII and IX, we showcased 25-games sets Diamond Games Ultra and, a novelty, Diamond Games Ultra 2 with new games such as Alchemy's Elements, Silver Hauberk, Mushroom Fable, Neanderthida and Winch & Wheels etc. DLV’s primary novelty was our online betting site dlvbet.

How did dlvbet presentation go? In which regions will this option be available?

As we expected, the presentation was successful, as the demand for online services goes up and we have an excellent product in this area which we will continue developing, including more services and options. Currently dlvbet is available only in Latvia, but we are investigating the opportunity to do something similar on other markets in Europe and Latin America. We also plan to gradually create an online casino where DLV's slot games as well as those of other companies would be offered.

In this so special for your company year, which will be the greatest challenge of 2015?

It is difficult to single out, because we try to simultaneously advance in different directions. As mentioned earlier, we will expand our online gaming solution; we will also continue the Diamond Games Premium standalone program line, and will certainly surprise with several novelties which will be revealed later. As every year, this one will be full of events: participation in exhibitions and entering new markets.

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