• 2015 February

How would you describe your company's performance at the show?

The mere fact of participating in ICE guarantees that fortune will smile on you, as this is the biggest gaming exhibition, and, respectively, the most attended one, so there is no way for any booth to stay unvisited. During the exhibition we met with our clients and partners, regulatory bodies and testing laboratories, press representatives, and, what’s most important, with quite a few new contacts. As we expected, dlvbet - our new online betting website for bets 24/7 on all kinds of sports and political events - was the product that more than any other caught the eye of show guests; this is hardly surprising, considering that this area of gaming is coming to the fore and it should be attended to with equal seriousness as is land-based operation.

What's your general view of ICE, the venue and the business possibilities?

It is hardly a revelation that this show is the most significant gaming event and participation in it not only provides excellent business opportunities, but in general is a question of public image. The location of the show, its organization, attendance by international visitors - all of this was on the highest level, as it always is with ICE.

What's your opinion on the current situation in European gaming industry?

European gaming industry is very varied and each market has its nuances. Currently, in view of certain economic issues, gaming market growth is rather slow, but we believe that the situation will soon change for the better.

What goals and challenges is your company projecting for 2015?

To develop the concept of dlvbet, expanding it to other markets, adding new options to the offer. Maintain high level on the markets where DLV is active and advance into new potential markets. We will certainly continue our show „tour", focusing also on regional events, such as, for example, Caribbean Gaming Show and SAGSE Panama. Finally, our main goal is to keep our customers happy and that is why we are preparing a number of new releases to be launched during this year. 

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