• 2019 February

What are you exhibiting in this edition of ICE?

This year for the first time, we provide with a new Slant Top type machine – Diamond X, which is a compact solution for casinos, but has an option to add the third screen. Additionally we show a new Nectar’s Treasury Jackpot with new and updated games. Among others, we offer some cabinets and multigames, which have already made a name of themselves on the different world markets.

As for the online developments, we show them at this exhibition for the second time, but now it is the 200 games portfolio. A novelty of the online this year is a possibility to play with one of our three jackpots or without it. In future, the option will be completed and players will have an opportunity to choose any of our jackpots to play.

What are the expectations and goals with which you come to the London show each year?

We expect the clients’ interest in our products and I would like to note that the results of the first two days has already made us happy. One of the aims was the new products’ highlight, which we have achieved - the Diamond X cabinet has received a positive response and our clients from Latin-American market have already ordered the Nectar’s Treasury Jackpot.

How important is it for the company to exhibit here?

One of the most important ones because the scale of clients at this exhibition is almost limitless. Here are presented many different products for the most operation kinds. Each year we watch more new companies, which mostly don’t participate at other big shows, but exactly at this exhibition, they have an opportunity to receive a step up for their business. That’s why the exhibition is one of the obligatory for visiting.

How do you see this year's edition?

I have visited the ICE London for the first time and my colleagues told me that it is the biggest one, but I didn’t expect that it will be so impressive. Two large halls, many different gaming operators and a big number of the clients at the DLV stand – all has given me a bunch of impression, which I think will be enough until the next visit.

What are the results of the company from ICE?

As mentioned, we have already received the orders for some products and the positive response about our new developments. By returning home, we will immediately start to work with the orders and with a new product. It will be a new Zooshenk Jackpot, which we announced in a new product catalogue and intrigued the clients. We hope that nothing will prevent us to show it at the exhibition PGS Lima 2019.

The online games are being strengthened thanks to the fact that several countries continue to regulate. Do you think it can be a competition or complement to the land based casino?

We think that the online games don’t prevent the land based casinos’ development. It can be possible to develop in two or more directions that we do now. New tendencies of the industry give a possibility to create new ideas and to improve that should not gone unnoticed by the clients and competitors.

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