• 2017 October

What new technologies are allowing manufacturers to create better player experience?

These are, of course, hardware innovations, i.e. changes made in the machines housing jackpot and standalone programs. They become more and more exquisite, often bigger and/or with three screens instead of two. As to the games, they get more interactive and varied, for example, with the option of playing several games simultaneously, or styled after a popular film, cartoon or TV show, on the whole, providing players with a very wide choice suiting any taste.

How do good jackpot systems ensure that casino operators increase their revenue?

First of all, ideally a jackpot system should go with a sign, attracting players’ attention. It is statistically proven that jackpot signs bring more players to machines, as players see values and hope to hit the jackpot. In DLV’s machines the upper screen also serves the purpose, so even if there is no sign, one can still see jackpot values.

Of course, a jackpot should be interactive and engage players, retaining them at the machine. Each DLV´s jackpot system, apart from standard bonuses and free games, also features a special themed jackpot game.

All such aspects prolong player’s time on device.

What are your latest products and what are your best-selling products?

Speaking about jackpot systems, our latest releases are Lab Creatures and Silk Flowers with three and four progressive jackpot levels respectively. They are completely different and each has its audience, but both perform great. This year we have also presented Jewel Jackpot Lux – a sequel to our three-level Jewel Jackpot series, released specifically for operators who still have earlier Jewel Jackpot in operation, so that to enable them to renew their offer to the player.

Why should operators choose your systems over others available on the market?

In its products, DLV provides high operational flexibility with different options and configurations, so that operators could choose on their own the configuration which works best in their gaming hall.

We also offer both three and four level jackpots, each with its unique theme and bonuses.

How do you foresee the future development of jackpot systems?

As already mentioned, games already are and will continue getting more interactive. Of course, the visual appearance of machines, jackpot signs and games will also see many changes. For example, we can observe the tendency to a unified interface format, in the sense that all sorts of gadgets and devices have similar interface understandable to the contemporary user and slot machine interface is becoming more approximated to that format, targeted at the player of 21st century.

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